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We Welcome to be as the party leader for *your State *your District *your City *your Village *your Ward or any other. Let us all participate now
If you go through the ' Different issues ' links you will know how we should act for the root level
solutions in India. We have to follow the root level solutions only. So join with us and we all do this
for the sake of our country. You have to participate in the next elections through our " Bharathiya
Vajra Party." We will participate from all states in our country. You can participate in the elections
on our party Name.We Welcome you to join with us.Click the Next button to view Next 10 topics.

31.) God father and motivator of our Party.

32.) If Small states needed in India, What to do ?? How to stop the agitations ?

33.) Nationalization of Mining Industry is needed. No private mining industries.

34.) Life Span of Buildings, Apartments and their value... Are you Purchasing any property ?.

35.) Old Age Problems, Why Old Age Homes for the Parents, Grandparents, Great grandparents, Old Aged Persons ?

36.) Jammu and Kashmir Issue.. every day burning problem. Why ?

37.) Generic Medicines..are the Best solution for all Indians - for the Healthy India - Whether Poor or Rich

38.) Controlling the corruption for all kinds of public Works.. the Best solution which we need now.

39.) Sanitation and Sanitory works for the healthy India... go through the details and the solutions.

40.) Drinking water problems in Cities, Towns, Villages and permanent solutions.

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