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We Welcome to be as the party leader for *your State *your District *your City *your Village *your Ward or any other. Let us all participate now
Click the following links. You will notice various problems & a part of an essence of the Root level
solutions. We are fighting for them & we will implement them. We noticed such hundreds of issues
& we will solve them. Let us all unite for the welfare of our National Health & Wealth, Strong and
Standard development. To know and raise the voice, click the following links. You will know how
we should act for the root level solutions in India.

1.) Nonstop National War on Mosquitoes. ( also other pests and rodents like rats )

2.) Free Mobiles to all State and Central Governments employees and to …

3.) We need Water Ponds or Tanks or Reservoirs in each and every village in India...

4.) Tar Roads are damaging the adjacent Houses and Buildings and all other structures.

5.) We can supply Power without interruption to each and every village too., If solar power is from Thar Desert.

6.) What is the Main Plan behind the Reservations in India? Why people are all disturbed?

7.) Registration of Lands, Plots, Apartments or any other Property in our country…

8.) Preservation of the National Water (Rivers, canals, sub-canals and ….. Easy methods that we need.

9.) We must provide pure drinking water for the people in India.

10.) We can provide maximum facilities to the Railway passengers.

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